Stepping on the Head of Evil: An Entrepreneur's Role in the Gospel and Redemption

— by Henry Kaestner

It's not often that an article intrigues me the way Anthony Bradley's recent piece in Fathom did.  I found myself challenged and encouraged by his writing.  I believe that his major point of many of us not having a complete view of the Gospel and restoration of God's Kingdom has very real ramifications for us as entrepreneurs, even though at face level this is a post about racial reconciliation in the Church.  I find myself wondering what my working definition is of the Gospel. I think that each of us needs to have one. We are entrepreneurs. We are driven by mission. If our mission is to honor God and to be motivated by the Gospel (good news) and seek to share that good news with others.....What is it?  Is our definition wide enough, it is too narrow? This article will help you to explore what the Gospel means and offers up a more complete definition of the Gospel from Tim Keller (I'm a self professed Kellerophile....if you haven't listened to his podcast on identity, I strongly recommend it, but I digress.)

I don't want to take away from Anthony's gifted writing by cluttering or confusing it with my own awkward commentary, or more digressions that will take time away from you reading and wrestling with what he suggests, so I'll leave you with this: I was taken by his reference to Genesis 3:15 and I'm embarrassed to have had to read it a few times to get his point on why he thinks it's so important in pointing to our role in redemption.  I am fundamentally fired up about my (and our) role in stepping on the head of the serpent, of crushing evil under our feet and by playing a role in restoring God's creation by and through His power (not our own).

Heavenly Father, please help us to all have a right and complete view of your Gospel and what it should mean to us and the role we .are to play as we pray today that Your Kingdom will come about on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Please help us to step accurately, completely and with effective force on the head of evil, and please protect us and our families from the evil that wants to strike at our heels......please make that evil miss every time. In Jesus' name we all pray.


[Special thanks to delfi de la Rua on Unsplash for the cover photo.]