How God's Work Is The Model For Your Work

by Jerry Bowyer

Introduction by Henry Kaestner: Many of us have heard the concept of the "creation mandate".  We understand that we are created in God's image, that he was a creator and a designer and therefore we are the same.  As entrepreneurs we inherently get this at some level, but I think that we are well served by tapping in to this Biblical truth regularly as we look for an encouragement in our work.  No one does a better job of this, in my opinion, than Jerry Bowyer

Jerry is an economist, columnist and a frequent radio guest.  More importantly, he's a Christ follower who takes God's word seriously and look to apply that understanding to the marketplace.  He's studied the Hebrew in the first several chapters of Genesis for 5 years.....pretty amazing.  He has a longer 240 page scholarly work on this that might be interesting to some of you, but I recommend this short piece that he did in summary of his work.   May we all be fruitful and multiply.....and understand why. 

Click here to read Jerry’s piece, How God's Work Is The Model For Your Work


[Special thanks to Daniel McCullough on Unsplash for the cover photo.]