Why do You Work? (Audio)

This content was originally published here by the Theology of Work Project.

"Why do we work? If you don't know why, it doesn't matter what you do." In his timeless keynote address at the Believers in Business (BiB) MBA Conference at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in 2016, Andy Mills (Executive Chairman and Co-CEO of Archegos Capital Management LP & Co-Chairman of Grace & Mercy Foundation) discusses three themes of why we work:

  1. God wants us to live as whole-life disciples.

  2. God has a vision and purpose for work.

  3. God wants to work with us to build intimacy between him and us.

Listen to the session below!

Special thanks to the Believers in Business MBA Conference. The BiB MBA Conference, in its eleventh year, is the largest student-run national conference that equips and encourages Christian MBA students and graduates to live out their lives and careers for the glory of God. 

[Cover photo credit to Theologyofwork.org]