Episode 50 - Doing Good by Gaming the System – Yu-Kai Chou, Pioneer of Gamification and Creator of Octalysis Prime Framework

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Today we’re talking with one of the pioneers of Gamification, Yu-Kai Chou, author of the book Actionable Gamification and creator of the Octalysis Framework which encompasses 8 core drives of motivation that govern human behavior. He's a speaker on gamification and behavioral design at places like TED, South by Southwest, Google, Stanford and consulted with governments like UK, Singapore and South Korea. His work has affected over 1 Billion users experiences across the world.

Henry spends some time with Yu-Kai discussing his unique research into what motivates us and how that can be used to achieve the remarkable in this world. Yu-Kai gives us an overview of his gamification methodology alongside poignant examples while helping us see how our goals as citizens of the Kingdom and entrepreneurs can be reached by understanding the right ways to motivate ourselves and the ones we lead. He steps us through both White Hat (intrinsic) and Black Hat (extrinsic) motivators and reveals optimal scenarios to increase motivation, effectiveness and longevity of teams. Gamification isn’t just for the gamer but has implications for anyone who seeks to be part of something greater or just wants to live a more joy-filled life.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode on gamification. We’d love to hear of some of the ways you are using gamification in your business model. Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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