How the Green Lantern's Superpower Can Become Yours Too.

Today we feature a sermon from FDE Podcast Co-Host Rusty Rueff. There are some key points that Rusty makes here that I think are particularly applicable to an entrepreneur.

  1. He talks, from some good experience as a marathoner, about the illustration of the race and in particular how Paul talks about running the race as if to win it.

  2. Rusty examines how we need to come to God on a DAILY basis (think “Daily Bread” from the Lord’s Prayer, and the daily manna in the dessert. I LOVED the illustration about the Green Lantern who needed to plug his ring in to the power source EVERY DAY for his super powers.

  3. He also explores what it looks like to be intentional about our time in God’s word…asking God ahead of our reading to answer the questions/concerns/doubts we have as we open up Scripture

  4. We can find out where our treasure is from how one might look at our calendar (how we spend our time) and our checkbook/cash flow statement (how we spend our money)

There are other learnings of course and I’ll let you discover them. Please do consider what your Superpower is, and how often you tap in to it. With that knowledge you too might be used by God to do amazing things…for Him while experiencing His joy in doing so.

— HK


[Special thanks to Slashfilm for the cover photo.]