Feeling Overwhelmed at Work

These videos were originally published here and here by our friends at Workmatters.
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In this video, Workmatters interviews Marc Yount (COO of Field Agent) about the real struggle of being overwhelmed or stressed at work. He offers some helpful tips and in this second video, reminds us that often the thing that often drives to feel overwhelmed —success— is a matter of the heart not of rewards.

Enjoy the 2 short clips below!


“I think it’s truly healthy for someone to understand what their calling, gifting, and limitations are.”

“One part of knowing if someone is feeling challenged or in over their heads, they need to be reflective or ask people around them — ask your boss for honest feedback.”

“A question that always came up is ‘how ambitious can you be and still love Jesus?’ … I’m not sure that’s healthy…. Success is where the heart is.”

“The way I’m going to define success is if I developed the people closest to me —the people who report to me and the people I report to.”


[Special thanks to Tim Gouw on Unsplash for the cover photo.]