Podcast Episode 42: Fighting for the Highest Possible Good: Steve Cochram and Jeremie Kubicek of 5 Voices Systems/GiANT Worldwide

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Steve Cochram and Jeremie Kubicek of 5 Voices Systems, a leadership assessment tool that helps you define, understand and leverage your communication style for optimal influence joins the FDE team this week. They share why their assessment tool is so different from the rest and how it can be quickly integrated into your organizational culture to help you better connect with your team, customers and all the places where you have influence. Committed to helping clients fight for the highest possible good of those they lead, this duo gives us insight on how understanding our unique communication styles helps us to hear as well as be heard for maximum impact and collaboration.

 We strongly encourage you to take the online assessment to figure out your leadership voice and challenge you to make use of these tools. Share with us your voice and definitely let us know if there were any surprises in the comment section below.

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