Faith Driven Meetup at SOCAP with Robert Kim

For our friends attending SOCAP, Robert Kim is coordinating a meetup for Faith Driven Entrepreneurs and Investors that we wanted to highlight. If you’re new to the conversation, here’s a quick scoop:

What is Faith-Driven Investing? Faith Driven Investing is a movement of an increasing number of asset owners, fund managers, and entrepreneurs that are driven by their faith. We all come around some unifying principles as a starting point and know that God owns all that we have and that we are called to faithfully steward our gifts - as investors, entrepreneurs, etc. We all have our unique parts in the broader Faith-Driven Investing ecosystem. 

At this event, the panelists will discuss the following three topics:

a) How Christian faith informs the way entrepreneurs lead and manage their own enterprises

b) How faith influences the way investors manage their assets

c) Practically speaking, how investors can align their assets in a faith-driven manner

Our hope is to discuss these three questions at a deeper level and create a dialogue to encourage one another to pursue our unique calling as investors, entrepreneurs, etc.

We are delighted to have amazing panelists, including Henry Kaestner (Sovereign's Capital), Bryce Butler (Access Ventures), Jimmy Quach (Good Paper), Jonny Price (WeFunder), and more! In their own journey as investors and entrepreneurs, they have wrestled with these two questions deeply. We're excited to hear their stories - both successes and failures - lessons learned, and practical next steps!