Looking for God’s Fingerprints in Every Gift

This podcast was originally published by our friends at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) whose work aims to serve a global generosity movement. With 30 local teams, unparalleled expertise, and the most creative giving solutions, learn more about their work here.

Jeanne McMains, Vice President of NCF's Complex Gift Solutions team, has a unique perspective when she comes alongside NCF givers as they make complex gifts such as business interests and real estate. Listen as she unpacks why each transaction is a holy encounter and opportunity to see God move in the lives of the givers we serve.

This episode is just of many in NCF’s Inside Giving: Inspiring Stories of Biblical Generosity podcast series hosted by John Putnam. We encourage to check them out and be inspired in creative giving.

Enjoy this 14-minute podcast episode here!


[Special thanks to Brandon Jacoby on Unsplash for the cover photo.]