Podcast Episode 76 - Are Christians Called to Comfort? With Super Bowl Winner and CEO of Movement Mortgage, Casey Crawford

Entrepreneurs know what it’s like to be uncomfortable. Yet, there’s something in modern/Western Christianity that expects comfort. We often act as though God has called us to a life of comfort and ease, not one of stress and sacrifice. But as Casey Crawford points out, Jesus didn’t exactly live an easy life! And this is just one way he gave us a great perspective alongside a paradigm shift in this podcast episode.

As you’ll hear, Casey came out of the gate firing, and we hope you can keep up with him for the whole episode. He covers stress and Christianity, the role of money in the life of a believer, and what it was like to start a mortgage company amidst the financial crisis of 2008. And every one of these topics was covered with his passion and enthusiasm, which we think makes this episode a great one.

We loved having Casey on the podcast and are so grateful for the way he rejuvenated us just by discussing what he cares about. And as you listen in, we think that the passion with which he shared his story might energize you as well.

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