All Time Classic Sermon, "The Beast, the Book, the Beauty and the Lamb" by John Piper

You’ll recall, of course, that I (HK) am inclined to sprinkle some all time classic sermons out to you all from time to time. These are all-time classic sermons that have nothing, at face value, to do with entrepreneurship, and then upon reflection….everything to do with the life of a Christ following entrepreneur. This is one of those. Kimberley, my wife, is not a big John Piper fan…you might not be too. He has his own style. He talks with a passion and emotion that is unlike any we’ll come across in mainstream evangelical or orthodox preaching. He seemingly talks about Heaven and Hell maybe 2x all others combined, and yet when you listen to him you come to understand why. He is most interested in what really matters. At his essence he wants, more than any others I know, to make sure that we don’t miss the centrality of the Good News….that we don’t miss the fact that there is an active Deceiver and that that aren’t very real consequences when the Bad Guy wins. Try to stick around for the whole thing. The last 15 minutes are, I think, a thing of beauty. You’ll note that the following link has not only a cue to the audio file, but the video file as well (it was recorded at the 2016 Passion Conference) and even has a transcript.

Special Thanks to one of my greatest life friends, Mark Piehl, Co-Founder and Chairman of 410 Medical, for bringing this one to my attention as I recover, this week, from surgery.

Some great quotes/moments:

“Seeing the Lamb as beautiful, is the great vocation of the Christian. The is the Fountain of Godliness.”

“Christians don’t kill for the world, they die for the World.”

Three Challenges/Implications:

  1. “To see Him as more precious than anything”

  2. “To show him more precious than life by the happy/humble way you live and by how you take the bullet.”

  3. “We will share in His glory”

“If you would have Him as your Treasure, you’re in the Book.”


[Special thanks to Daniel Sandvik on Unsplash for the cover photo]