Inspiring a Generous Community

This video was originally published by our friends at the National Christian Foundation (NCF) whose work aims to serve a global generosity movement. With 30 local teams, unparalleled expertise, and the most creative giving solutions, learn more about their work here.

In the small town of Stanford, Kentucky, Jess and Angela Correll are leading a revival of sorts. Their sense of stewardship helped a struggling town through their entrepreneurship. From the Correll's bank to restaurant to hotel to other small businesses, the local economy is prospering, and its residents are getting inspired to be a generous community!

Enjoy this 5-minute video of how an entrepreneurial couple can rally a community towards giving!


“Through generosity, hospitality, and excellence, we try to create spaces where you can sense the peace of God.”

“When the Israelites were captive in Babylon, they didn’t just pray for the good of the Israelites but also for the good of their city. We prayed how we could do the same.”

(On client relationships) “When you’re nice and hospitable to people… and do business that way it’ll be something that will suit both your economics teacher and your Sunday School teacher.”

[Special thanks to Brandon Jacoby on Unsplash for the cover photo.]