A Place of Refuge at L&R Pallet

In this Monday’s video, we take a look at a second-generation family business, L&R Pallets, based in Denver. CEO James Ruder shares their amazing solution to solve a waning, quality labor force — reaching out to the refugee community!

Today, over 80 Burmese refugees work for the company. Enjoy this 3-minute video and be inspired!

“God decided my business needed to be a place of refuge who need it —whether it was local refugees or refugees from other countries.”

“People ask me what I do — I’m in the people business. I just happen to make pallets and recycle pallets on the side. We’ve really changed our entire focus - but that has resulted in a different business model and profitability.”

“You can have an impact with whatever you’re doing … impact lives and impact families.”

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[Special thanks to Robin Joshua on Unsplash for the cover photo.]