Stone in the Sand

-- Richard Barley

As per our normal routine, here is a Monday video to start off your day (or provide some entertainment depending on when you’re watching this…). This song was written and sung by the podcast’s own, Richard Barley, “facilitator of auditory experiences”, and recorded at CornerstoneSF during their “arts night”.

Richard makes the FDE podcast happen. He takes a group of disjointed audio files and breathes life in to them. But he’s so much more than an audio engineer. He is a brilliant creative mind often very much in tune with God and His spirit. This song to me/to us shows us that.

Why would we share this video to faith driven entrepreneurs? For one it’s a really cool original song sung by the writer! Secondly, we believe work is important but so is exploring additional aspects of your unique design.

God designed each of us with unique gifts, talents, abilities, and interests. So sometimes, even as an entrepreneur, you might need to take a break and enjoy a hobby or a gifting you have outside of work in order to be more productive when you’re back at the entrepreneurial-ship journey.

He said he wrote it “as a conversation with a handful of scriptures in mind”. See if you can hear them?

You can find out more about Richard and his gifts for music, sound and lighting by following the links in his bio.

Special thanks to Ryan Tasto on Unsplash for the cover photo.