Podcast Episode 22 - Expressing Gratitude in the Workplace


by Johnny Shiu

In this episode, Henry, William, and Rusty explore the topic of expressing gratitude in the workplace.  They discuss how we can be more intentional with showing our thanks and appreciation to others as leaders.  A starting point for this outpouring is finding a way to be grateful ourselves.  When we do this, it resets our perspective and causes us to be grateful for others, their work, and their contribution.  

Time and time again, employee surveys would show that they feel unrecognized, and unappreciated. This need to be changed as leaders should continually be thinking of creative ways to express gratitude in the workplace.  Tune in this week to hear some normal and abnormal ways to do this (including an appearance by mass quantities of rubber chickens).  

As Christ followers, we should have an unfair advantage because Christ is our model, and his gratitude extended into death on the cross.  

Join us to hear more thoughts and as always, please send us yours!

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash