Great Faith Lessons from the 2008 real estate bust

by Henry Kaestner

It’s Monday… new favorite day of the week. The day when we share a great video celebrating the work of faith driven entrepreneurs. Bob Geldof eat your heart out……though I do still like the song, (link here to a video that’ll transport you back in time). But no, the “I Don’t Like Mondays” video is NOT the video that I want you all to start your week with. It’s this one that Kenman Wong sent me from Seattle Pacific. I had asked him about some of the content that had inspired him, and his students, the most and he gave me a short list. This was on it. And it’s really, really good I think. Some great quotes below:

”When I came to Christ, I still had the joy of business, but the world around me I think began to tell me me that business was something less and if you were really serious about your faith you would get involved in church and then you would get involved in ministry.”

“You were telling business guys …take the Gospel to work with you, share the Gospel with people, but still how you did what you did was a complete realm that was untouched by truth”

“I could see where I lost sight of individual intrinsic value of work, of individuals of community that we were trying to service demand. Rather thank asking if the demand was reasonable....we just serviced it and now we had a chance to think about what had we done.”

“The very act of work, this process, is an honorable thing and it pleases God.  Work declares the glory of God.....that's the challenge for the Christian in the marketplace.”