A Grander Vision - Betenbough Homes

Thanks to community member Eric Dunavant who responded to our request for great videos, here’s one that he thought would encourage and challenge our community of faith driven entrepreneurs on a Monday:

Favorite Quotes:

“You know you’re in a storm when you’re in a West Texas Storm”

“One of the years we gave away 82% of our net profits….we felt that God was saying that’s great, but you work with families. What do they know of my love for them?”

“Each home we build gives us an opportunity to interact with more than 100 businesses and contractors. We view the businesses and contractors as trade partners. Besides dealing them them honestly and paying them regularly, we seek to help them grow their own business, with loans, providing start up capital and business mentoring.”

“God has allowed us to live a life we didn’t even know to dream.”

Special thanks to AK¥N Cakiner on Unsplash for the cover image.