God Loves Cabinets

by Henry Kaestner

God loves Cabinets, and we love a good, short film to get us going for the week. The Faith & Co. Series out of Seattle Pacific is world class. The work effectively speaks for itself, so I won’t go on……just please, be sure, to watch it.

Some favorite quotes:

“Two guys that I was contracting with were involved in a drug smuggling ring with organized crime”

“All I had to going for me was my good name. If they would trust me, I’d pay them everything back with interest” “It took us 6 and a half years to pay back every bill”

”It’s often been said that overnight success in business is 15 years. For us it took a little more”

“We unabashedly want to be successful……..we have 300 employees who can go home with their paychecks and take care of their families, thousands of people who have the joy of making a meal in one of our kitchens. And all through that food chain, people are being blessed through God’s common grace”

“It really gives me great joy to know that I’m a conduit of His grace.”

“God loves cabinets….and the cabinetmaker”