Consequences of Technology - Intended and Unintended

by Luke Roush

This was originally published as a white paper for Christian Economic Forum (CEF).

Every year as we approach the Christian Economic Forum (CEF), I find myself both dreading and looking forward to the construction of my annual white paper.

Every delegate to CEF must complete a paper, and these papers form the foundation for the agenda in that year. For me, this is one of the only opportunities I have in my annual calendar to reflect and do some basic research as part of a more formal writing assignment.

While I can hardly claim to have many *Deep Thoughts* of the Jack Handey variety (an old SNL character), I found myself preoccupied this year thinking about the intended and unintended consequences of technology. The white paper below is the essay that emerged from that inquiry, and I hope you enjoy it. It's titled *The Icarus Moment*, but might be more aptly called "The Tower of Babel" in a Biblical context. Members of the Bible study that I'm part of every Tuesday at Epic Church in San Francisco will recognize that many of our conversations over the last two years have found their way into this piece. For that wisdom and perspective, I am grateful!

The Icarus Moment 

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Special thanks to Erriko Boccia on Unsplash for the blog cover photo.