VLOG, behind the scenes of the FDE podcast at Duarte Design

by Henry Kaestner

Good morning all!  To continue the practice of having Monday's blog be a bit more lighthearted, here's a quick 2 minute video on the making of the FDE podcast....though this is one without Rusty.   The VLOG concept is, in part, a reaction to David Morken's insistence that I'm actually not a great writer, and that I write, like I speak (he's probably right).   So, we here at FDE are grateful for the many guest blogs each week, from GREAT writers, on all topics regarding faith driven entrepreneurship. AND we're also grateful for the podcast, my co-hosts, and for great guests like Nancy Duarte featured in this VLOG.  Stay tuned for the release of the episode with her interview, and let us know what you think.  Got some candidates for great guest blogs, thoughts on resources we should include?  Questions for the podcast?  Please let us know!