Podcast Episode 19 - How to Discern Your Calling: Interview with Dave Blanchard (CEO of Praxis)

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by Johnny Shiu

In this week’s episode, one of our listeners, Marty, asked "how do you discern your calling".  This is an incredibly light and easy to answer question that barely impacts an entrepreneur's journey, so this will be short.  Of course I'm kidding, this is something we have all asked ourselves, and is something that is incredibly difficult to navigate alone ... so we had to phone a friend.  We are super super lucky to have Dave Blanchard from Praxis join us on the podcast to help our listeners think through this issue.

Dave and cofounder Josh Kwan started Praxis, which is a business accelerator with an aim to advance redemptive entrepreneurship.  Currently in its seventh year, Praxis is designed to help entrepreneurs build a community, create mentorship, and provide discernment for building ventures.   And wow, they are GOOD at it!  Dave and Josh have been an incredibly blessing to us personally and to the broader faith and work movement.

The accelerator has helped 150 entrepreneurs from 150 different countries (both for-profit and non-profit).  Talk about reach and impact.  They also developed the Praxis Course, an incredible resource for entrepreneurs.  You can go through it alone or even better with a group of like-minded folks.  Additionally, through the Praxis academy a couple hundred college entrepreneurs (from 80 different schools) spend their summer working with Praxis to start learning about redemptive entrepreneurship.

All this to say that Dave has had to think about calling a LOT both personally by choosing to start Praxis and professionally as he aides countless entrepreneurs on the journey.  On this podcast he will explain his own journey and speak about others he has mentored. 

Lastly, on a more practical note, Dave gives several resources for budding entrepreneurs.  Sit down and draw a simple Venn diagram with three circles where all three overlap in the center.  One circle is “ Love to do”; the other “Good at doing it”; and the last one name it “Could be paid to do.”  In the intersection, you will begin to detect what your calling may be.  Indeed, sometimes God may call us to be multi-vocational.   Other resources are Dave Evans’ book “Designing  your Life” and “Visions of Vocation” by Steven Garber.

Please join us to hear his wisdom!