Podcast Episode 17 - Grappling with the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship: Nashville Institute of Faith and Work Interview (Missy Wallace)

by Johnny Shiu

In this week’s episode ...


... we have a SPECIAL GUEST!  Missy Wallace, Executive Director at the Nashville Institute for Faith & Work (NIFW) joins us and gives us her insights into the convergence of faith and work.  She tells us a bit about her own journey, how she developed her theology of faith and work, the founding of NIFW and how she is equipping entrepreneurs today. 

One unique takeaway is that Missy noticed how in Genesis, we see that God basically brought structure from chaos.  Similarly, Missy observed that in the marketplace entrepreneurs' job is also to bring structure from chaos.  

Throughout the interview, Missy will tell us of stories of various entrepreneurs who have been part of NIFW's entrepreneur support group and how they have grappled with the ups and downs of their chosen career path.  These stories range from an entrepreneur coming into a 7-figure event being scared of wealth, to an entrepreneur wrestling with a bankruptcy, to a woman who knew she was called to elderly healthcare from the age of 16.

The program is a 12-week closed group where participants agree to a 90% attendance rate.  The program includes a video curriculum with faith and work theology.  However more than anything else, the group provides a place where the masks can come off; participants can process the anxiety/stress with running a company; they can stop posturing and practice honesty with one another.  

In redefining success (from a worldly one to a Kingdom one), Missy has found that these entrepreneurs find more peace in their work.  For the faith driven entrepreneur, it’s not about the score all the time.  Like raising children, the parent can’t just singularly focus on results; they should enjoy the process of their child’s growth as well.

In sum, the NIFW provides a great resource to support entrepreneurs who need community and spiritual encouragement. 

And, Missy is a great storyteller ... join us to hear more!