Entrepreneurship Meets Education

by Henry Kaestner

It's Monday, and that means it's time for a video to get you motivated and fired up for the week....and in this case to encourage you to think about how your gifts as an entrepreneur might benefit the nations.

I got to know Chris Crane, Edify's founder, when we both served on the Board of Hope International together.  We share a passion for our faith, microfinance and ice cream.  Like Hope International's Jeff Rutt (who we profiled last week...a housebuilder and founder of an international MFI), Chris was a successful entrepreneur who felt a calling to take his entrepreneurial skills in to international development.  Chris' first stop was as CEO of Opportunity International, where he capably led a diverse group of partner organizations.  He found though, with time, that he was most excited about blending microfinance with Christ centered education.

Edify was born. This 5 minute video will tell you about Eddy.  It'll also show the impact of one entrepreneur and a dream on a thousands of faith driven schools across the world.

thanks to Avel Chuklanov and Unsplash for the cover photo