A Scriptural Mashup...."You'll be Amazed"

by Henry Kaestner

The beauty of the Gospel is that it can be understood by a child at the same time that the wisest of people can spend their entire lives plumbing the depths of God's wisdom and knowledge and get nowhere close.


I love the way that great pastors can help satisfy my intellectual cravings to understand the amazing beauty of God's wisdom. Tim Keller does that for me, so does Chip Ingram and John Piper.  This is not that type of sermon.  But it's no less beautiful, and to make this message come across so simply, my bet is that it's author, John Ortberg, spent a ton of time, wisdom and intellectual effort to make this 25 minute message so accessible.

As Iistened to this sermon, it occurred to me that it's a very, very good sermon to share with those in our companies that are trying to understand what makes us tick...what our Christian faith is all about.  

John calls this sermon "Deconstruction - "You'll be Amazed." I call it a Scriptural Mashup because he blends together God's word seamlessly to make the point about God's love message to us without pausing to name chapter/verse references.  I can't listen to all of my sermons like this, but I'm glad that I listened to this one, and I bet you will too.  I hope you'll then share it, and maybe check out the rest of his sermon series as well.  The last one in the series is especially good, bringing it all home with an invitation to make a decision to be a disciple of Christ that's as good as any I've heard.