Habits of a Leader

by Henry Kaestner

I've enjoyed the concept of starting off the week with a blog highlighting a good video that sets the right tone for the next 5 days.  In that spirit, here's a 2 and a half minute video from our friends at the DePree Center for Leadership at Fuller.

For a bit of background, Terry is the CEO of the largest privately held company in Texas...Texon.  I met him at the Praxis Redemptive Entrepreneurship Summit this May and was very, very impressed with his gentleness and humility.  I'm an entrepreneur.  I don't want to work for anyone and yet I could see working for Terry.

Sometimes the lessons that we learn are the simplest....the most practical.  This video is just that.  I could tell you that it's important for you to create a great culture, to be a great listener and to always be in a posture to learn, and yet Terry and the folks from Fuller make it much more memorable, and hopefully, actionable.

Thanks to Anastasia Petrova and Unsplashed.com for the cover pic.