How 4 minutes and 23 seconds can get your week off to the right start

by Henry Kaestner

I love this guy.  I love the father-son dynamic.  I love how multiple generations get together and pray to seek out God's wisdom.  I don't think that this business model (having all profits) go to support ministry is the answer for everybody for a myriad of reasons, but I just really like Simon and think you will too.  

This is the first of several videos we will highlight from the C12 ministry over the next several months.  Are you in a group with other faith driven entrepreneurs?  You might want to check out whether there is a C12 group near you.  Other great ministries (FCCI, Convene, Truth at Work and more) are listed on our Resource Page.  If you're in Houston, maybe you'll join Simon's group.  I wish I could.