Podcast Episode 8 - Competition....Love 'em, Ignore 'em or Crush 'em

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by Rusty Rueff, Henry Kaestner and William Norvell

Today's Podcast tackles the question of how to think about competition.  We know that we want to run the race as if to win it. (1 Corinthians 9:24).  But how do we win?  What is our heart posture?  Do we win at all costs? What are our motives as we compete in the race?


We talk about Coopetition in industries like telecom, where competitors can also be customers. Rusty talks about his time at PepsiCo and how Roger Enrico thought of the entry of Eagle Snacks from Anheuser Busch.  We talk a bit about patent trolling too.  We even talk a little bit about what it looks to compete for a job internally.

We get at the concept of Abundance or Scarcity.  We think that it might be helpful there might be 3 levels of motives and that the ordering is important:

1.  Focus on serving our customers.

2.  Get the very best out of ourselves.  Bring all that we have to work as our meaningful form of worship.

3.  Understand what the competition is doing.  We don't operate in a vacuum and we need to wise as a serpent and yet innocent as a dove (Mt 10:16).  Let's never operate out of fear, but out of a feeling of opportunity, knowing that as we bring #s 1 and #2 above, we're very likely to succeed.

Lastly, I think it's important to check on our motives.  Are we competing to bring God glory or to shut someone else down and make them our door mat?

As with all of our podcasts, this is not meant to be the final word.  We'd like to get your take.  What did we miss?  Are we thinking about it wrong?

Photo by Inactive. on Unsplash