A Prayer As We Go To Work

by Henry Kaestner

Greg Zinn, from Central Pennsylvania heard our request for content that inspires, equips and encourages him and other entrepreneurs in his community.  Here's the note that accompanied the below prayer:

For what it’s worth, I’m sending you “A Business Owner’s/Entrepreneur’s Prayer Before Starting Work”. This is printed on a post card with the Business Owner’s message on the back of the card, which I have also included. I keep the prayer at my desk and in the absence of any better prayer of my own, it helps me start my day and orient me to our “why” and the source of everything we have. I don’t know “Dwight”. The card was given to me by Ed Staub, who is my Sandler coach and a mentor too. He is a great example of a faith driven Entrepreneur who uses his business as a platform for ministry. I pass it along to add to your inventory as a possible resource and encouragement for those days that you might be looking for content. You and FDE community came to mind this morning when I was praying this prayer. If you find it useful, feel free to share it.

Greg, we absolutely find it useful, thanks for sending:

Business owners prayer (1).jpg