Podcast Episode 6 - The Importance of Language

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by Rusty Rueff, Henry Kaestner and William Norvell

In this episode of the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast,  Henry, William and Rusty tackle the issue of language.  At one level, they aren't going to tell you anything that will surprise you....cursing is a bad thing and it's not helpful in the workplace, or anywhere else for that matter.  The book of James hits this issue squarely, and so do dozens of other references.  Yet there's some nuance here that we think is worth exploring as the effective use of language and even emotion are so incredibly important for us as leaders in the workplace. 

We look at this issue from a variety of angles in this short edition: How does one navigate the dynamic between relatability and holiness?  Is the "Queen's English" sufficient to get our point across?  How does one deal with bad language from others in the office?  How does language and it's use help us to understand our level of anxiety, our ultimate identity and our ability to witness. 

Let us know if you think we're missing something in this brief look at how to communicate effectively, and please, as always, forward this to others if you think it might be helpful especially those you know overseas as it's our hope that this won't just be a North American initiative.  That'll allow us to get more feedback on how to improve the podcast, and more ideas from a broader audience.  Thank you for your partnership!