I Am the Light of the World

by Henry Kaestner

Every once in a while I (HK) will highlight a sermon that I think is especially good and helpful for the entrepreneurial journey, but without any mention of being a business owner per se. This work from Toby Kurth is one of those.  From time to time we need a message that brings us radically back to the faith that we have and that makes the “faith” part of the Faith Driven Entrepreneur.


I, too often, find that my worship and understanding of God is more head than heart.  Toby speaks here about that in a way that especially grasps me.  Maybe the part of his message that resonates with me most is the way he describes a vacation with his 3 boys (I have 3 as well).  It reminds me hilariously of some of my own vacation memories where a boy can go from “this is the best vacation ever” to “this is the worst vacation ever” in a span of minutes. Toby brings this back to how the Israelites experienced God in the desert and how we experience him now.

He finishes with some illustrations of God’s light in Malawi and then back home in San Francisco with a flourish that makes me want to go run through walls for God.  That is so often the message that we, as entrepreneurs, need to hear on our lunch time runs or morning commutes as we get ready to go and slay the dragons that emerge daily, isn’t it?

Great quote from Toby's message: “God doesn’t give a rip in the end of times what you knew, God wants to know what you did with what you knew”

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash