Shaped by Scripture

By Henry Kaestner

Rick Rock is an entrepreneur.  Together with some partners, he started and owns a money management firm with offices in 3 cities and more than $3B under management.  Rick is also an elder in his church and over the last several years has started preaching more and more. He talks about his faith, family and work.

There is something very, very interesting to me about a guy who can excel as a business owner, but also has a command of Scripture in such a way that he can give a well balanced, Bible based sermon.  He unpacks Romans 1 and 2 in a new way for me. 

One aspect of the sermon that especially resonated with me is how he talked about having turned his back on his faith for so long and the blessings that he missed out on during the period.  He opines that it's these missed blessings that are often the baggage that people bring in to a relationship. That made me think a bit.  I think he's on to something with that, and something definitely for young people that have grown up in the Faith but are "taking a season off", planning on returning once they raise a family (or finished having fun).

The other big takeaway for me is the power of Scripture memorization, and finding a partner to do that with.  Scripture Typer is the app that he mentions...I need to check that out.

I think that it’s a reasonable expectation that we might all aspire to have enough of a command of God’s word, having steeped in it, to then be able to share it with others.  Rick shows us what this might look like:

Central Christian Church podcast - Episode 9 - Week 4 "Shaped by Scripture"