Podcast Episode 4 - When It Doesn't Work Out

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by Henry Kaestner

In this week's podcast, William, Rusty and I tackle the issue of how to let people go....and how to do it in a way that honors them and honors God.  

You can find the podcast here.

Rusty introduces the framework of how to let someone go in a way that speaks the truth in love, makes sure that they aren't surprised, gives an opportunity to cure and generally follows the golden rule.  There's a bunch of nuance to that, of course, and so we talk through that a bit and delve in to what it looks like to love, not just the employee who may need to be let go, but also the other employees that that one individual might be holding back with their performance.

Lastly, as many of our podcasts will do, we take a quick tangent and talk about how to clearly communicate expectations with our employees.  William then realizes that we're on to something and sees another edition of the podcast in the making on a topic we'll explore further in the future.

It's important to note that we're just getting going and it's very, very important to us to hear from you what you think works (we'll look to do more of it) and what doesn't.  We'd like to hear the questions you'd like to have answered and any types of comments about how to make this more useful for your walk with God as you seek to know Him and serve Him as a business owner.  Please see the podcast tab on this site for more.

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash