Roles of the Redemptive Entrepreneur: Anthropologist, Custodian, Prophet

by Henry Kaestner

For those of you who don’t yet know Praxis, the organization that Josh Kwan (the author of today’s highlighted content) and Dave Blanchard co-founded 6 years ago:  Praxis is focused on advancing redemptive entrepreneurship in society. They do it under the inspiration of the Clapham Group of mid 19th century London who looked to transform society through business and charitable organizations, and then did it very well.  150 years on, Praxis, in turn, is also doing it very well. We’ll have a chance to check in with Praxis many times over the course of this blog, so that’s all that we’ll talk about them now, but they are very, very much worth checking out if you’re an entrepreneur all the way from college students up to business owners with redemptive values.

Praxis Logo.png

I’ve known Josh for a decade now.  We met over the phone and then spent several hours frantically driving from a Hope International (another great org that we’ll highlight this year with time) Board meeting in Lancaster PA to catch our flight in Philly. I love the man. He is surprisingly witty for such a quiet and often unassuming person.  He’s famous for the greatest introductions of all time and he has a heart for the entrepreneur and their impact to shape culture that comes across clearly in this piece he posted earlier this year.

His heart, his spirit and his mind come across clearly in this blog and betray a former life as a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News.  Their loss is the world of entrepreneurship’s gain.

Please click here to see Josh’s piece on the Praxis Journal and to learn more about Praxis itself.