Podcast Episode 3 - Projections

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by Rusty Rueff, Henry Kaestner and William Norvell

There’s some small chance for those reading our blog over the past week that you don’t know that we have a podcast too.  Well we do :). You’ll see that we have 3 episodes loaded up on Simplecast and iTunes.  We’d love for you to check them out.   We’d love your feedback and questions, and of course, if you like them, and know someone who might be encouraged by them, we hope that you’ll share them.

An important thing to note about both the podcast and the blog….and well, really the whole site, is that we aim to serve entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes NOT just the technology entrepreneur.  We may live in Silicon Valley and a number of our contributors may be venture capitalists, but we, of course, see God at work through every business owner.  We like, the God whose image we were made in, create, innovate, lead and serve in a way that can become a blessing to our partners, vendors, customers and employees.  This is most assuredly not just the domain of the tech entrepreneur.  I want to point this out because I fear that if I didn’t do so, you’d listen to this particular episode and wonder a bit if it was for you…...and yet I think it is. I hope you’ll agree.

In this episode we’ll talk about projections.  At first listen, this seems to be a little more relevant for companies that are after venture financing as we talk about the three year projections and the modeling that entrepreneurs show to venture capitalists etc., but I hope that you’ll find a lot more here than advice in working with a VC.

William, Rusty and I talk about plain old business planning, and the modelling we talk about doesn’t need to have a thing to do with raising money.  It talks about the common mistakes made by business owners in planning for growth and how to avoid them.

It then goes a bit deeper and we have a brief conversation about one of the struggles many business owners experience….at least one we had:  the propensity to exaggerate. We talk about how to think about growing a business, and our faith and our reliance on God to provide, not just the work of our hands.  We hope you’ll enjoy it. Please let us know if you do. Please let us know if you don’t. And as always, please let us know the questions that you’d like to see us answer on the podcast.