Beauty out of Brokenness

by Henry Kaestner

In this beautifully produced 10 minute video, we see the story of the Marsh Collective, a business in Opelika Alabama that’s able to rise from the ashes (or the hangman’s noose as this story goes), to a thriving, 100 person company.  The story, as with any good one about a faith driven entrepreneur isn’t so much about the success that the business has had, though it’s had alot, but of how God has worked through the lives of the co-founders John and Ash Marsh.  John and Ash are two people that couldn’t stand each other as husband and wife, and then through God’s grace reconciled and are now flourishing not just as a married couple but as a business partnership. Only through God.

This film moved me.  The guys from Untamed surely do a great job, a beautiful film for a beautiful story.  I picked up alot on this from contemplating whether my faith and marriage are strong enough to survive a business partnership with my bride and best friend, Kimberley, to the value of having hard conversations (I’d like to think it is, of course :).  They also talk about three different types of capital that have fuelled their business (patient, properly aligned, productive capital).

Great quote:  “There is hope.  You know that God loves idiots...that God still takes broken things and does beautiful things”.....and so He does.

Editor's note: This video (one of 13) comes from the folks at a new initiative called Faith & Co. from Seattle Pacific University....definitely worth checking out