Podcast Episode 35 - God Loves Idiots too: John Marsh of Marsh Collective

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The team sits down with John Marsh of Marsh Collective of Opelika, Alabama to discuss storytelling, what it’s like to run 10+ businesses (the collective part of Marsh Collective) and how to be the steward of 10 square city blocks for the glory of God and Kingdom while being totally unqualified to do so. John helps us understand the practicalities of living in the midst of kingdom tension: being both dead and alive, content but fruitfully multiplying, living here but not being from here. Rusty has John walk us through what systems need to be in place to redeem a life, a family and a city and Henry has him give us some insight on effective parenting while being an entrepreneur. William closes us out with a request for words of wisdom for entrepreneurs and John’s answer: think cities.

 John holds a very special place in the heart of FDE and the team is quite excited to have you hear a bit of his story and want you to be as inspired by what’s possible when we let God in to do what He does best: redeem and transform. How has this week’s episode inspired you to be a part of God’s plan to redeem some part of creation He’s asking you to steward? Where can your business better align with God’s redemptive purpose for it? Drop us a line in the comment section below.