Andy Stanley's podcast with Dave Katz

I’m going to start with a confession. I heard the 2-part interview of Andy Stanley, founding pastor of North Point Community Church, with Coke Consolidated’s CFO, Dave Katz and thought that we should have him on the FDE Podcast. He would be great, no doubt, but the reality is that we wouldn’t do any better of a job than Andy in interviewing him.

We also want to be a site where we direct you to other places that have great content. We do that a bit in our Resources Section, and this is a great time to send you to an awesome podcast. I highly encourage you to listen to this (episodes on “accelerating culture” parts 1 and 2). I was skeptical (I’m not typically a fan of companies that distribute mildly drugged sugar water), but Dave is the real deal.

As you listen, you’ll note that Dave summarizes each interview with 3 takeaways. I love that.

Part 1

  • Purpose is culture. Culture is purpose. Being very focused that those two things are one in the same. The culture we are trying to create is that purpose statement.

  • It's now been 8 years or so since we had that purpose statement and it has not changed. There are four items and they're pretty easy to remember and we've stuck with them.

  • These things need to be caught more than taught. These things are what we can model as leaders and as teammates.

Part 2

  • Relationships are everything. So this group mentoring environment definitely builds relationship.

  • Culture being a reflection of the leader and the actions of the leader. Everyone's a leader. When I do life with you and see the content and context together, I get to see how you act in these situations.

  • Real motivation comes from vision. And I get true vision when I can do life with you and see how you do life.

Listen to Andy Stanley’s 2-part interviews with Dave Katz

(Episodes for parts 1 and 2 on “Accelerating Culture”)

Special Thanks to rawpixel on Unsplash for the cover photo.