A Second Chance at Weifield Electrical

In this Monday’s video, we take a look at Weifield Electrical’s amazing work to end poverty in Denver — through its hiring. The company offers 4 years of job training and a long career to those out of the penal system. A win for the company’s own workforce development but as Karla Nugent (Partner and Chief Business Development Officer) emphasizes — it’s a second chance for someone to get their life back on track!

That company belief rings most beautifully through an employee’s words “They (Weifield) treated me like a normal person rather than a convicted felon.” What redemptive work!

Enjoy this 4-minute video where Colorado Governor, Hickenlooper, introduces and praises the company as further testament to Weifield’s impact in the community.

“We build amazing buildings and we have amazing clients. But in the end, these lives that we’re changing … that’s what it’s all about.”

“Work is work and faith is faith but really your faith is every hour of the day. I would encourage any person that has an area of influence that they consider it… because it’s revolutionary.”

“If every company could partner with a NGO and give to them their time and talents, what an impact that would make for our community.”

Special thanks to Fachy Marín on Unsplash for the cover photo.