Podcast Episode 33 - Keeping the Church Relevant to the Entrepreneur's Life: Part 2 with Chip Ingram (CEO of Living on the Edge)

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In Part Two with Chip Ingram, CEO of Living on the Edge, we find Rusty asking Chip to give his take on a previous mailbag question from an entrepreneur who didn’t see the value of church anymore as what comes out of the pulpit isn’t relatable to his life. While Chip agreed that most pastors aren’t very conversant with the entrepreneur’s life, he flips it from a what do I get to what can I give mode of thinking. He encourages entrepreneurs to see church as God’s company while acknowledging the frustration of not seeing change or progress fast enough. Henry has Chip share on some practical ways of how Pastors can love on the entrepreneurs in their midst before William tackles the subject matter of entrepreneurs struggling with failure, sometimes even a series of failures. Chip tells us that God must first work in you deeply before He can use you significantly. Rusty closes this week’s episode asking Chip to give listeners perspective on how to use power righteously. Chip’s response: it’s about stewardship.

 We hope you receive encouragement as well as insight from Part Two of our time with Chip Ingram. We’d like to hear from you on how you are stewarding the power and influence God has given you and how you’re overcoming the temptation of self-reliance in the comment section below.

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash