Podcast Episode 30 - Godly Contentment Meets the Discontentment of the Entrepreneur

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This week’s episode finds Henry, Rusty and William fielding more questions from listeners in Part One of Lightning Round. The team tackles the question around how to balance godly contentment with the discontentment with the status quo that is the fuel of much entrepreneurship. Rusty admits trying to figure out what Paul was thinking is way above his pay grade but offers up the concept of holy discontent while Henry and William focus on where we derive our identity and joy as a possible solution. All share advice on the healthiest ways to work with family and friends in business with, you guessed it, communication being the most important element. They close on the question of how to handle pushback from the team. Rusty and Henry both discuss why it’s important to include your team in decision making process as a cultural value set as well as a way to ensure commitment and ownership of all decisions, even the unpopular ones, in the long run. As Rusty puts it, it’s about the power of the question mark.

 Let us know what you think about any of the questions discussed in this week’s podcast in the comment section below. We’d especially like to hear more of your experiences working with friends and family in business.

Photo by Jerry Yu on Unsplash