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Bill High


After graduating with a degree in law from the University of Kansas and building a successful career as a lawyer, in 1999 Bill High left the law firm to embark on a new adventure—becoming CEO of The Signatry. Since then, The Signatry has sent out nearly $3 billion in grants. Bill High has also branched out in numerous business ventures to further the causes of generosity and family legacy. He founded iDonate, the country’s first giving software to handle cash and noncash gifts in a single platform; and Family Arc, an online private family archive service.

Bill High is a forward-thinking entrepreneur with over fifteen years’ experience running a nonprofit. Having lost his own father at age 12, Bill deeply understands the need for strong families and lasting legacies. Today his mission is to empower families in building legacies of generosity. He specializes in coaching families, individuals, and financial advisers regarding biblical generosity and family legacy.


Bill and his wife Brooke have been married over 30 years. As the proud parents of four children and grandparents of two grandchildren, they love building their own family legacy.