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  • Adam & his wife, Mandy, met in Russia and fell in love climbing Mt. Sinai

  • The Metcalf children are 6th generation Wyoming-ites

  • ZeeMee

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Adam Metcalf


Adam's first business was a baseball card trading post he setup in his backyard tree fort at the age of 10. After running ads in the local newspaper, he was thrilled to land one customer, who after learning that this so called "business" was operating out of a makeshift tree fort, never returned. Adam learned his first lesson on building brand and client retention that day.

25 years later, Adam feels like he is still operating out of the tree fort, but he is at least now doing so under the guidance and direction of the Lord, who got a hold of his heart while he was living in Moscow, Russia at the age of 21. Adam presently has the honor and blessing of serving as the Co-Founder of ZeeMee Inc. 


Adam and his wife, Mandy, live in the Bay Area and have 3 kiddos: Abby, Micah and Jackson. All of whom are aspiring worship artists and dancers. They can be found on any given day jamming to Bethel Kids, Elevation, NF and Lecrae.  The family is involved in ministry at CPC and Menlo.