5 Marks of a Faith Driven Entrepreneur

We realize it can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. We wanted to call out a few things scripture highlights several things should mark a Faith Driven Entrepreneur.



We look for entrepreneurs whose lives have been transformed by the Gospel, that have accepted the gift of salvation, and now seek to bring God glory as their greatest and highest purpose.

We look for entrepreneurs who are followers of Christ first, who continue to work out their salvation with fear and trembling, and yet with confidence. We look for leaders that are committed to seeking God through regular time with His Scriptures, in prayer, and with others. We look for leaders that are members of a local Church community. Read the Scripture References.

Stewardship vs. Ownership

We look for entrepreneurs that see themselves as stewards of God’s resources. These resources are God’s, but He has entrusted them to us to steward effectively according to His purposes. This is a perspective in distinct contrast to viewing ourselves as owners of resources. Ownership emphasizes possession and the concept that we can do whatever we want with things that we own. Read the Scripture References.

Business Excellence: Looking to compete and win for the glory of God

We were created in the image of a working and creative God. We work for the glory of a Great God and the commitment to honor him should fuel us with an energy, focus and commitment that should give us a unique advantage. We look for entrepreneurs that own the concept that the degree that we do our work well is the degree that we have an opportunity to witness and be heard, and so we need to pursue a plan for excellence in business that will undoubtedly include aspects from planning, professional development, cultural formation, goal setting, execution and assessment.

Read the Scripture References.

Ministry in Deed: Embracing the marketplace as our ministry

We look for entrepreneurs that believe that God has placed them in the marketplace where there is a substantial ministry opportunity because we are to be salt and light wherever we are, 7 days a week. We look for entrepreneurs that acknowledge that, embrace it, and seek to make the most of it, looking for opportunities to be salt and light to people that do not yet know Him, and encouraging those who do know Him to be similarly activated.

Loving on employees and communities extraordinarily well

We look for entrepreneurs that acknowledge that they need to be active members of their local community as leaders and to encourage their employees to do the same. In providing employees with ways to serve their local community, leaders in turn will be serving them as it is indeed more blessed to give than receive. Additionally, we look for leaders that endeavor to love their employees well through all aspects of an employee’s life, providing them meaningful work and an environment to do it. We look for leaders that care for employees as individuals and that help them provide well for their families, not only with financial resources, but with the gift of time and boundaries that will allow them to lead well at home. We also look for leaders that love on their employees by speaking the truth in love when they aren’t a good fit for what they were created to do.

Read the Scripture References.

Ministry in Word: Seeking to Share OUR WHY

We look for entrepreneurs that realize that they have an outstanding opportunity to share the reason for the hope that they have, and that are intentional about looking for and praying for those opportunities, believing that it is appropriate to share the reason for the hope they have, albeit with gentleness and respect with those with whom they are in a relationship, whether vendors, partners, customers, or employees. We look for entrepreneurs that are eager to share the gospel message of salvation in Jesus with gentleness and respect in a culturally appropriate manner. We look for entrepreneurs that are actively identifying the right opportunity to explain to others the reason why they do what we do, in a culturally appropriate manner, with the aim of exposing those that don’t yet share our faith to the Gospel. We look for leaders that will look for ways to develop and disciple believers in their discipleship walk and partner with local churches to strengthen the ministry taking place through the business.

Read the Scripture References.